New Mercedes truck (SFTP Euro 6) emission is controlled by ACM control unit (Aftertreatment Control Module).
If your truck has a malfunction in AdBlue system, ACM will limit the trucks speed (torque) to 20 km/h, so that truck could reach the workshop safely.

How to change Torgue limitation in Mercedes truck?
After you Disable a torque limit, truck will drive without torque limitation (with error in AdBlue system).

With Truck Explorer, Torque Limit can be changed in ACM2, ACM2.1 and ACM3.

Do not forget to repair AdBlue system later.
AdBlue DTC error will appear on dashboard.

Disable/Enable operation cost in Tokens.
No additional licenses are needed.
Operation could be done by DC2 (on a bench) or by OBD.

Video demonstration how to change Torque Limit in ACM2 by DC2:

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