In automotive industry there are a lot of complex systems, operations, processes, car parts and components. To make it easier to communicate for people working in this field, we use different abbreviations. Here are the most popular ones you could find on our website or hear from people working in this industry, performing vehicle diagnostics and etc.:

MP4 = SFTP = Strategic Future Truck Platform
EIS = Electronic Ignition Switch
DPF = Diesel Particle Filter
NOx = Oxides of nitrogen
SCR = Selective catalytic reduction systems
NMHC = Non-methane hydrocarbons
EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation
VVT = Variable valve timing

ISP = In System Programming 

Ignition Type:
Spark = Gasoline
Compression = Diesel

Abbreviations in DAS:

AAM – All Activity Module

ASF – Drive authorization system shutoff valve (DSV)

CAN – Controller Area Network

DBE – Overhead control panel (OCP)

DRT – Theft-relevant parts

EAM – Extended Activity Module

EDW – Anti-theft alarm system (ATA)

EGS – Electronic transmission control (ETC)
EHZ – Electronic hydraulic auxiliary steering (VSE EHZ TRW E-MAS)
ELV – Electric steering lock

ERE – Electronic in-line Injection pump

ET – Replacement part

EVE – Electronic distributor fuel injection pump

EWM – Electronic selector lever module (ESM)

EZS – Electronic Ignition switch

FBM – Drive authorization module (DAM)

FBS – Drive authorization system (DAS)

VIN – Vehicle Identification Number

HDF – Trunk lid remote control

HFM – Hot film sequential multiport fuel injection / ignition system

HHT – Handheld tester

Hz – Hertz

IFZ – Infrared remote central locking (IRCL)

IR – Infrared

ISM – Intelligent Servo Module


LED – Light Emitting Diode

LH – Mass airflow measurement with heated wire

ME – Motor electronics (ME-SFI)

M/RSF – Mechanically regulated in-line injection pump

MSG – Engine control unit (ECU) 

NAG2 – New automatic transmission, 2nd generation (NAT2)

Pkw – Passenger car

PMS – Pressurized engine control (PEC) 

PSE – Pneumatic controller unit

PWM – Pulse Width Modulation

SA – Special equipment

SAM – Signal acquisition and actuation module

SG – Control unit (CU)

SN – Lock switch

VeDOC – Vehicle documentation system

WIS – Workshop Information System

XSF – Xentry Support and Feedback 

ZV – Central locking (CL)

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