The drive control (CPC3) unit calculates various control factors relevant for the driving cycle for functions such as: cruise control, variable speed limiter, control assist, engine brake, coolant temperature management, etc on Mercedes SFTP trucks. CPC3 communicates with sensors and control units all around the MERCEDES truck. Engine management control unit (MCM), transmission (TCM) control unit, instrument cluster control unit, central gateway (CGW) control unit and others.

CPC3 is playing a very important role in the truck and if it gets faulty, your vehicle will probably stop. We all know that this is the worst thing that can happen in transport industry. Putting back truck on the road as fast as possible is crucial. Not only for your client, but also for your business success.

If CPC3 becomes faulty, there are few options how you can solve the problem:

   1. You can try repairing it. This is not recommended, if you are not experienced ECU repair specialist.
   2. You can buy new one from the local Mercedes-Benz dealer and replace it. Getting new CPC3 could be very expensive and time-consuming solution.
   3. Read Flash & Eeprom of faulty (damaged) CPC3 control unit. Purchased a used CPC3 with same hardware inside, and write your Flash/eeprom to this used CPC3. This is the most effective solution, if your goal is to fix the truck ASAP and without huge costs.
Here we will disscuss about option number 3.

How to read Flash & Eeprom from damaged CPC3 with VEI device and Truck Explorer®?
At first, you need to have the following equipment:

  1. VEI V6 device.
  2. DirectConnect2U tool kit;
  3. DC2-CPC3 cable;
  4. DC2U-ISP-JTAG+BDM dongle;
  5. DC2U-JTAG8 open flex adapter.
  6. License pack CPC3

When your VEI tool is ready, follow these instructions:

1: Remove CPC3 cover.
2: Connect DC2U-JTAG8 open flex (manual you will find in https://my.autovei.com)
3: Connect CPC3 to DirectConnect 2U tool with DC2-CPC3 cable.
4: Open Truck Explorer software (from v6.16)
5: Read Flash & Eeprom files from broken CPC3.
6: Next two options:
    6.1: Write Flash & Eeprom files to another good CPC3 (used or new).
    6.2: or change MCU (MPC5566), and write Flash & Eeprom.

How to read/write CPC3 Flash & Eeprom with VEI and Truck Explorer®?

YOUTUBE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJioDAkFr_I

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