New functions for MAN
AutoVEI Team is happy to announce that we are releasing a lot of new functions for MAN!

Our people put in a lot of work and effort to develop and keep Truck Explorer® what it already is: a unique, effective and market-leading solution.

Here is what’s coming out for MAN with our latest Truck Explorer v6.18 software update:

    Disable or Enable Immobilizer;
  2. Reading VDF file
    Reading of Vehicle Data File (*.vdf);
  3. Central Lubrication system
    Activate the lubrication pump at specified intervals, the ability to change the level and pause between feeding or deactivate this system;
  4. AdBlue control
    Disable AdBlue fault code SPN 2061 on OBDU (On-board diagnostic unit) in MAN trucks.
    Switching AdBlue controlled/not controlled by DCU in OBDU;
  5. Air sensors
    Changing the configuration of air sensors: Second circuit, Third circuit, Controlled by ECAM ECU;
  6. EDC7C32 parameters change
    Tester info, Item Number, Data Record Number, Software Numbers, Unmachined Part Number, EOL Info, VIN code;
  7. FFR parameters change
    Speed limit, Torque limit, RPMs, VIN, identifications;
  8. PTM parameters change
    Speed limit, Torque limit, RPMs, VIN, identifications.

All these new functions do not require to have any specific license!
Everything that’s needed is a VEI V6 device with valid updates/support subscription and tokens!

*Disclaimer: we are not promoting you to use some of the functions. Do everything at your own responsibility, keeping in mind laws and policies applied in your country.

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