3.1 What’s the DOIP protocol?
Some Mercedes models after five 2016 options have a new DOIP protocol. To fix the module, you must have a DOIP device like SD C4 DOIP. DOIP is ISO 13400 diagnostic protocol ISO 13400-1:2011 describes common use cases and communication scenarios covered in Internet Protocol-based vehicle communication standard.

Each case is used to control specific communication capabilities of the car interface, for example, to be associated with an existing computer network. Subject protocol diagnosed via Internet protocol (DOIP) supported a successful service interface as standard procedure in ISO 149-2-2.

Multiple descriptions in ISO 13400-1: 2011 including various applications developments, for example, Reference to advanced cars (differential systems differential, a differential diagnosis; WWH-OBD (A.D.) by a rule in ISO 275-2 and 275-275-145-3.


SD connect c4 Plus Support DOIP for BENZ new Cars and trucks

why Get MB SD C4 DOIP:

1. New support new cars and trucks with DOIP.
2. With fast wifi connection 3 second to use. when you see wifi: XC4 PLUS XXX

enter password: 123456789, it connects to use. no need to setup your laptop wifi card.

3. update firmware no need to insert battery. no need to worry damage hardware.
4. with TV help service when you have our hdd software together.
5. It is very stable to Support both 12V Cars and 24V Trucks.


1) Compact 4 support not only KL diagnosis and three lines CAN BUS diagnosis, but also UDS
diagnostic treaty.
2) SD connect can do wireless diagnosis. Besides, it use Lan cable connection. So it can support
more model computer.
3) Interface components used the military quickly inserted techniques that can support one million
times plug, more stably.
4) All of the core components adopt new original packaged chip, plus 24 hours fatigue test, to ensure
product stable release.

Hardware Configuration

1. DOIP SD conncet x 1
2. OBD-II cable x1
3. 38 pin cable x1
4. 14 pin cable x1
5. 8 pin cable x1
6. Lan cable x1

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